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Funeral Home Site Finds Its Afterlife

Posted on March 14, 2011 in

By The River Oaks Examiner


Realty observers are reporting the long vacant former Settegast-Kopf Funeral Home at 3320 Kirby Drive will be transformed into a multi-entertainment venue of several bar concepts.

The project also includes the adjacent former Chase Bank drive-thru at 3312 Kirby.

In all, four separate tenants are part of the project, according to reports by Swamplot, a website tracking Houston’s real estate and related trends.

Among the ventures reportedly listed on plans are Twist, Fountain Bar, Club R Oak, and Hendrick’s Pub.

However, a permit sign posted on the site reads “Olives and Grapes.”

Construction waste bins are currently on site, a sign of the transformation under way.

Meanwhile, reports on the website of New Regional Planning, a brokerage whose sign remains on the site, describes the multi-entertainment project as having a Las Vegas vibe.

Sources at Upper Kirby District said the longer-term redevelopment of the 3.1-acre site is likely vertical.

In 2008, the same area, bordered by Kirby Drive and West Main, Lake and Colquitt streets, was considered for part of another massive commerical development in the Upper Kirby District.

Harris County tax records show River Oaks area real estate investor Blake Tartt III began assembled the land 17 years earlier with a shopping center at 3200 Kirby.

He bought the Settegast-Kopf property — with an appraised land value of $2.2 million — in August 2007. The funeral home quit doing business in January 2008 when its lease expired.