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Houston Office Space Of The Week – New Regional Planning

Posted on August 04, 2011 in

By Justin Lee, thesquarefoot

This week we are featuring the office of New Regional Planning, a full service real estate strategy and consulting firm based in Houston.  I had heard through the grapevine that New Regional Planning had one of the most unique offices in the entire city, and I was lucky enough to be able to stop by and take a peak.  It didn’t disappoint.

Sitting in a small nook near the southwest corner of West Alabama and Kirby, this free-standing one story brick complex is actually a 2 building configuration with a very sleek design, both inside and out.  The landscaping is in immaculate form, and the complex is almost entirely illuminated via natural light.  New Regional Planning purchased the property in 2008 and refurbished it with recycled wood beams, counter tops, and carpeting.

All of New Regional’s employees are stationed in the main building along with a conference room, complete with outdoor patio and built-in chiminea.  My favorite feature was definitely the espresso/wine bar located in the second building, which is primarily used for client meetings and entertaining.

Blake Tartt III, CEO and President of New Regional Planning is as interested in the aesthetics and detail of structure as he is with the functionality of it’s core.  “I don’t think enough of Houston’s construction has kept aesthetics as a primary objective over the years, and I like taking a proactive approach in ensuring that my projects do.”  Blake, mission accomplished at New Regional Planning’s office space in Houston!