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Rienzi Celebrates Spring With its Most Successful Fling to Date

Posted on May 19, 2010 in

By: Shelby Hodge for Culture Map Houston

Blake Tartt III & his sisterThe lush gardens of Rienzi, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston’s house museum for European decorative arts, served as rich backdrop for the Rienzi Spring Party on Thursday that proved to be the most successful to date. And why not with more than 300 interested parties turning down the long, tree-shrouded drive that leads to the graceful mansion in the heart of River Oaks.

With Courtnay and Mark Elias, Stacy and Michael Ellington and Blake Tart III serving as chairs, the well-heeled party contingent passed through the venerable dwelling designed by John Staub and out onto the vast terrace surrounding the pool and overlooking the lawn that terraces down to Buffalo Bayou.

Guests were entertained with music by crooner Ross Chitwood and were enticed with vintage cocktail offerings by guest mixologists Bobby Heugel of Anvil Bar & Refuge and by Mike Sammons of 13 Celsius. Tempting the tastebuds was party fare by Swift & Co.

Beaming over the $87,000 record success were Rienzi Society Life Members Isla and Tommy Reckling plus Christiana and Luke McConn, Carroll Goodman, Mary Eliza and Park Shaper, Cabrina and Steven Owsley, Catherine and J. Harris Masterson, Elise and James Reckling and Lisa and Will Mathis.