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2009 AIA Awards Winner

Posted on January 05, 2010 in

By: Ed Dumont of StudioRed

3270 Sul Ross

The client acquired two small mid-century modern buildings that were in a in a state of disrepair. The built environment consists of a haphazard mix of 1950’s & 1960’s commercial and residential properties—many have not been updated. The client contemplated demolition of the existing buildings but the design team’s and owner’s due diligence revealed the character of the building discovering the beams, courtyards, and central drive through worthy of renovation. The work included stripping the building to its original structure. New energy efficient windows, renewed exterior paving, and a rehabilitated landscape enhanced and updated the building. Handmade bricks, similar to the original, were used for a small addition. Exterior turn buckles were added to meet current code for wind uplift.

The contemporary interior supports the client’s development and retail leasing business. One building serves the operations side of the business and the other is designated for the client meeting and entertainment center. The result is a perfect fit for the client.


in process..

The client could have constructed a new headquarters; choosing to renovate and celebrate the fine bones of and existing building avoided the use new resources, an environmentally responsible choice, punctuated by the use of green finish products. The construction of the project seems to have been a catalyst for renovation and new construction on nearby properties—an example of how one project can influence an existing neighborhood within the urban context of Houston.


3270 Sul Ross

3270 Sul Ross